Well, what a year! Thanks to everyone who has been to see and support us throughout 2019. And thanks to all those great venues for booking us – and for keeping music live!

During the year, we’ve been doing our best to conform to the precedent set by various national leaders and injecting some nuts into the world – of live music in and around the NW of Albion. Surpassing something like 120 gigs, it’s time for a well-earned and festive break.

Santa visited Jonny early and brought him a new bass-amp; lighter and more manageable – much to Santa’s delight and the benefit of the backs of those who seem to end up shifting it all year for him! Ian and Chris will once again, hopefully hang their guitar-shaped stockings from the mantlepiece, and Birdy, well Birdy’s drums sparkle like tinsel all year round anyway! Happy Christmas everyone, have a great time – and unlike certain UK politicians, we’ll be back in 2020! x