Apologies for delay since our last post.

Much has happened of course, to disrupt the ‘normal’ state of things. So many aspects of our lives have changed – and many of which we took for granted, now seem like precious and elusive pearls of the essence of existence. Hell, we haven’t even rehearsed since January 2020 – and our last gig was in February, a year ago. And we, like the rest of you, we’re pretty sure, are looking forward to a time when we can all get out and party to some #livemusic again. That day can’t come soon enough! (Recognising the need to dust down the gear and lubricate the sinews in advance…)

In the meantime however, spare a thought for all the fantastic venues which provide the opportunity for so many musicians to perform and punters to ‘let their hair down’, which have largely been closed throughout the Covid period. Many of these venues build their business model entirely around live music, with little option to diversify. They’ll need us all back asap if they’re to survive at all. Fingers crossed for a summer revival!

Until then, good luck and keep safe.

Chris, Ian, Birdy and Jonny